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3 Ways Custom Software Gives Alumni Engagement a Boost

Is your alumni engagement struggling? If so, take a good look at the tools you are…or aren’t…using. Custom software is fast becoming one of the most efficient and insightful ways to engage your school’s alumni.

Engaging alumni with custom software doesn’t involve giant campaigns or expensive market research. All you need is a tool that can collect alumni data and a robust reporting feature that can easily make sense of the info you’ve collected.

There’s a variety of custom software you can use to start improving your alumni engagement, but be sure the custom software you select can easily accomplish these three tasks:

1. Track and Analyze Alumni Web Behavior

You want a tool that can make sense of an alum’s online activity. If they’re visiting your website, what page are they spending the most time on? The giving page? The football team’s page? The music department’s page?

Once you identify where they’re spending their time, look at how they’re interacting with the page. The software you choose should tell you how long they’re spending on a page, what they’re clicking on, and where they’re going next. Doing so will give you a well-rounded view of what they’re interested in and what they find most compelling about your institution. (The ability for the custom software to also track social media activity is always a plus!)

2. Send Targeted Communications

With alumni’s historical interests and online activity at your fingertips, don’t let it go to waste. Some custom software has the ability to take the web activity it has tracked and turn that into targeted communications.

For example, ReachBright can enroll alumni into special segments based on their web activity. Maybe they’ve spent over an hour looking through your science department’s web pages or maybe they’ve clicked on a press release about the men’s soccer team. Maybe they’ve even donated a few dollars to the library. They’ll receive targeted email campaigns based on those actions. Alumni who appear interested in sports will receive emails about the athletics department, alumni who appear interested in the Greek life on campus will receive email updates about Greek events, and so on.

With custom software that not only tracks alumni interests but acts on them, you can be sure that your alumni will constantly be engaged and that communications will never be misdirected.

3. Report on Collected Data

Data is useless if you cannot make sense of it. Make sure your custom software has a robust reporting tool that you can easily run, export, and analyze. If you want to see where engagement may be lacking, which emails are performing the best, and more, reports are the ideal way to get the answers you need.

Reports will help you see where your school’s making the most of engagement and where engagement can use a little boost. Maybe reports are showing that alumni with an interest in athletics are interacting more frequently with your emails and website. Start looking for ways you can engage them in giving campaigns or fundraisers. Maybe you’re starting to realize that older alumni aren’t as active online as younger alumni. What are different ways you can engage them so that they stay privy to current events and news?

One More Thing…

A good piece of custom software doesn’t only help you improve your alumni engagement. It should also help with enrollment management and campus engagement. Engaged prospects turn into engaged students who turn into engaged alumni. An active alumni base helps promote the school, its values, and its impact so that a whole new generation of engaged prospects is born and the circle starts again.

Want to see a piece of custom software for alumni engagement in action? Read more about ReachBright to discover how inbound marketing software works and how you can make the most of its solutions.

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